Eureka 71b Hand Held Vacuum Review

Eureka 71b Hand Held Vacuum ReviewYou’ll Love This Eureka Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This is one powerful handheld vacuum cleaner!  This Eureka is a top-seller and quite popular with consumers – and there’s good reason why it gets such amazing reviews.

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The Eureka 71B Hand Held Vacuum is capable of making short work of any vacuuming job.

Vacuum up unexpected dry spills from your carpet or wood floors with ease, but still be able to remove every last crumb from the cracks of your upholstery.

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Eureka 71b Hand Held Vacuum Review – Video

Why Get a Eureka 71b Handheld Vacuum?

[simpleazon-image align=”right” asin=”B0006HUYGM” locale=”us” height=”500″ src=”” width=”374″]Vacuuming isn’t the toughest household chore on the agenda for most of us. However, it’s far from the simplest or easiest either. If it was so simple, then there wouldn’t be tips out there to help us do it better, right?

While the concept of a vacuum certainly takes a lot of the headache out of cleaning your floors and carpets, it certainly does create problems of its own.

How do you even begin to choose which type of vacuum to get?

To begin with, your typical standard vacuum is unwieldy, clunky, and heavy. It can make thoroughly cleaning your home from top to bottom a bit of a challenge in some cases, especially when it comes to those tight corners, underneath beds, on top of furniture, and inside those hard-to-reach spaces.

Plus, it’s not even possible to use a standard upright model vacuum to clean the inside of your car. Here are some car vacuuming tips if you need them.

Handheld models can help close some of those cleaning gaps, but not efficiently enough. Most handheld vacuums aren’t powerful enough to really get the job done effectively. Plus, most lack the flexibility offered by the wide variety of attachments and features you get with a standard vacuum.

That’s not the case with this innovative new handheld from Eureka though.

It’s really the best of both worlds.

Let’s take a closer look at why.

The Power of the Eureka 71b

Most people’s major beef with handheld vacuums is without a doubt the lack of power and suction. Less powerful suction means dealing with extended cleaning times due to the need to make multiple passes over the same stretches of carpet or upholstery and a lot of frustration endured in the process. It’s almost easier to just break your back lugging the stand-up model around!

The Eureka 71B won’t let you down in this area though. It comes equipped with two separate motors. One powers the rotating brush and the other actually runs the motor instead of splitting the power of one motor between the two. This makes for an amazing level of performance that’s really unheard of when it comes to a compact handheld.


Eureka 71b Specs

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Eureka 71b Handheld Vacuum Cleaner w/ AttachmentsEureka 71b Handheld Vacuum Cleaner w/ AttachmentsCHECK PRICE

[/dropshadowbox]No corners have been cut with this vacuum in regards to the flexibility you’d expect from even the most basic handheld either. The Eureka 71B is capable of making short work of any vacuuming job. Vacuum up unexpected dry spills from your carpet or wood floors with ease, but still be able to remove every last crumb from the cracks of your upholstery.

The Eureka 71B doesn’t just feature ultra-strong 5.5 amp suction to make sure your carpets are as clean as possible.

It also comes alongside a long stretch hose to make cleaning just about anywhere a snap. Clean your car just as easily as you clean your living room. Stairs are no sort of obstacle either.

[dropshadowbox align=”right” effect=”lifted-both” width=”250px” height=”” background_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”1″ border_color=”#dddddd” ]- Super Powerful 5.5 amp suction

-nearly perfect 5-Star review

– Over 1500 Consumer reviews (read all reviews here[/dropshadowbox]

The Eureka 71B only weighs five pounds, so it’s easily toted anywhere it’s needed.

It’s also small enough to vacuum the stairs themselves without any of the usual contortions or creative thinking on your part. A riser visor and handy crevice tool made especially for cleaning areas like stairs makes it even simpler.

Eureka 71b Handheld Vacuum Features

That brings us to the next really cool thing this particular vacuum model has to offer – its extensive selection of cleaning tools, features, and attachments. With the Eureka 71B, you get all of the following premium grade vacuum features to make sure you’re able to cover all your vacuuming bases.

eureka-handheld-featuresBrush Roll: Thoroughly and effectively handles standard flat surfaces such as upholstery, floors, stairs, and more.

Riser Visor: Adds a rotating cover over the brush roll for focused cleaning of specific areas to the maximum level of efficiency.

Crevice Tool: Really gets down and dirty when it comes to those tiny spaces the standard brush roll can’t reach including corners, cracks, tile seams, between cushions, and more.

Dust Cup: Dust collects in a handy cup for easy emptying. Simply pull the power switch back to the “open cup” position and take care of business. Say good-bye to nasty, dusty bags for good!

Cord Wrap: Storage is a simple, easy process with the way the Eureka 71B is designed for the cord to wrap easily and neatly at the base. No more knots or hassle!

Fingertip Controls: Controlling your Eureka 71B and switching from one setting to another is a snap with this simple finger-operated control mechanism.

As you can see, we’re talking about a vacuum that is designed from top to bottom to be easy, convenient, simple, and – most importantly – effective!

That means less work for you and far fewer headaches.

Where to Get Your Eureka 71B Handheld

While lots of department stores and home shops may keep a vacuum of this caliber and popularity level in stock perpetually, it’s important to note that those aren’t your only option when it comes to getting your hands on this!

Plenty of online retailers – like the ever-popular and trustworthy Amazon – feature this for sale for prices that you’ll have to see to believe. Don’t worry about it ever being out of stock. You’re always covered with Amazon in your corner!

Check current prices on Amazon

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