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best-dyson-for-the-moneyWondering which Dyson is best? If so, you’re in the right place. We’re here to compare Dyson vacuums and share our results!

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Vacuums can be so expensive, can’t they? Hopefully the info on this page will help you make sure you get it right so you know you got the best Dyson for your money.

That’s why this page is here – to help you compare Dyson models and find the one that is best for you.

Oh and if you’re wondering about the whole Dyson vs Shark thing, there is some great info about which is a better vacuum below.


Best Dyson for Pet Hair

The Dyson DC41 Animal is a bagless upright Dyson model that has been rated the #1 best Dyson Vacuum Cleaner.

best-dysonBased on published reviews, this Dyson vacuum cleaner appears to be a real winner. After all, it DOES sport a fantastic 4-star composite star rating across a few hundred reviews. It’s currently available on Amazon and can be had a surprisingly affordable price for such quality.

This highly-rated vacuum cleaner offers several features that make the chore of vacuuming a bit less “work-like”and just a bit more enjoyable. At a minimum, the Dyson DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner makes things a bit easier. For example, the self-adjusting head maintains better contact with your floor at all time, meaning fewer passes and better pickup. The steering ball, a key feature of MANY Dyson vacuums makes this model far more maneuverable than most other vacuum cleaners. This, in and of itself, is often worth the price of the vacuum cleaner! It’s lightweight design and easy-of / easy-on long-reach detachable wand make stair cleaning a snap.

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#1 Best Dyson Vacuum
DC41 Animal Bagless Vacuum Cleaner
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#2 Best Dyson Vacuum
DC25 Ball All-Floors Upright Vacuum
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#3 Best Dyson Vacuum
DC28 Animal Upright Bagless Vacuum
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#4 Best Dyson Vacuum
DC33 Multi-Floor Upright Bagless
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